Hello, Vivo here.

You may be asking yourself, why are is Vivo writting

his own page? Well you see, I figured I would...

-wall of text-

-wall of text-

-wall of text-

So we can't really believe that....

-wall of text-

-wall of text-

-wall of text-

But to be humble, refute point on line 4 with alternate idea.


Age: Anywhere from 12-20

Gender: Depends

Location: Kane-tuck-ee of the USA!


  • Music
  • Anime (suprise suprise)
  • Video editting
  • Being a trap
  • Deep Discussion
  • Biking
  • Goat Sex


  • Newer generation of anime fans
  • Moe
  • Children
  • Pretentious people
  • Poor arguing skills

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