Spooky is a oldfag who has a huge ego on Colorless's main chat. He claims that he is not an ass IRL [and he isn't], and that he is being realistic when he says the things he does to other Colorless users (reality slaps). Spooky aggravates Shirosuke's life and is as punk as you can get. He is currently a teacher who teaches little kids.


  • Drinking
  • Guns
  • Cars
  • Drinking
  • Gives reality slaps
  • Liquor - Bacardi 151, Cognac.
  • Parties
  • Yep, Drinking.


  • Piss tequila
  • Passing out

Spooky said that he will drive Mizaya's wiki to death by trolling, which she wholeheartedly invites him to do.