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Reported photo of the offender.

MrTingles (name changed to SirTingles) is a horrible, horrible person who is out looking for blood and money. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he tends to enter chat, say a few sentences at awkward moments, then vanishes in the middle of a conversation.

He is the captain of the Colorless Tokusentai, otherwise known as the CL Force (or the No-Fun Police), with pontakun being his second in command. The CL Force is an elite commando squad of morons who do goofy poses for profit.

His daugher is the terrifying Mairu_Orihara (name changed to Mairu), and she should also be feared, due to the digital bloodline they share.

His hobbies include art, collecting bludgeoning weapons, and singing horrible songs about necrophiliacs.

Approach with caution, and if possible, report to the cyber police.

He's watching you.