so rapeable right?!

General InfoEdit


Hisora is a delectable shota trap that can be found running around Colorless in a dinosaur suit. With charms like his flustering to eccentric behavior in public and his well-known moe-to-manry voice, he is loved by all (As they should love him in return.)

Short BioEdit

Hisora is fueled by colors and sweets, such evident by the leaks into his win-win personality. He is also multi-talented, amongst many things -- a singer and an artist known for his unique style.


  • He is currently Milk 's to harrass and DSP 's to fanboy over.
  • Hisora claims that he owns all the rights to use this certain emoticon: " ┐( ´ ▽ ` )┌ ", but he allows his twin, Evii-chi , to use it in exchange for having the rights to use " D: ".
  • "Hikado" is Hisora's username on Colorless Wiki.


Evii-chi, Erii-chii, Hennita (twins)
Yuuri-chan (is Yuu-chan's shota)
Naitenai (meido)
Milk (shitsuji)

Sushi (Husband)
KyotachiKyoya (senpai)
Shirosuke (kaasan)
Augmentine (imouto)
Rain-chan (niece)
DSP (fanboy)