General InfoEdit

Cloud is a user of The Colorless. He can speak English and Chinese. His hobbies include observing, talking to people, occasionally scripting, and watching people play RTS games. He likes lurking in the chat and hates getting close to people. He dislikes one-to-one IM because it makes him feel obligated to talk. He is also known as the greeting bot of the Colorless chatroom. Cloud is claims to be a terrible multitasker.

Short BioEdit

Originally an uke, Cloud has shredded his past behavior to reveal his inner rapist self. Consider yourself warned. He claims to have stepped out of the yaoi industry, but his sexual preferences remain a secret.


He's a hostu at the Colorless Host Club and regularly practices it in the chat. Careful, because he has Oral Herpes. If you think he's a chatbot, it's because he is.


Gauche Suede (archenemy) who refuses to become his uke due to natural seme behavior.


There is no information ATM!


There is no information ATM!