General InformationEdit

The prevolved form of anon. You need a sunstone and a bottle of gin to evolve it.

Little is known about this mytical creature to the normal user. An Animas was always rare, even when it still lurked in the Chat. I am afraid to say that it does not come to the site at all nowadays, it is probably roaming the internet somewhere else. Few have ever seen it speak and fewer had a relationship to it. Being the first user to register after Gargron himself (?), An Animas aka. #2, is to be respected even if the so-called Oldfags does not care about numbers. An Animas might be on another level than the oldfags.

On the few occasions An Animas spoke in the Chat, it always had something to do with Anime. If Anime was not the topic, this lurker would not appear. An Animas would at these times show an alarming knowledge about anime. I can with no doubt say that An Animas is a superior to most of us in terms of anime. Anime is to An Animas like the force is to any Jedi.

Short BioEdit

There is no information ATM!


There is no information ATM!


There is no information ATM!


There is no information ATM!


There is no information ATM!

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