General InformationEdit

Resides in California, offers huggles at a heavily discounted price. Occasionally strikes babies or M3l3ry.

Makes peoples day.

Known to get good grades dispite being a delinquent.

Happens to be the only one greater than M3l3ry. Akiyoshi is also the queen of San Leandro. She rules with zombies and pride. But mostly zombies.

Short BioEdit

There is no information ATM!


There is no information ATM!


M3l3ry's owner.

Claims to have dibs on Kuroba_Loki as well.


"If I have to spend all my time or all my efforts to get someone to smile even once, then I’ll do it. I love knowing that I made someones day happier. Even if it’s only a little."


There is no information ATM!

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