General InformationEdit

  • Name:Romel agoraphobic Vedad
  • Age:21
  • Gender:Male
  • Color:Black
  • Birthday:September 13, 1989

Short BioEdit

Agoraphobia in psychology is an anxiety disoder, which I got my name. Agoraphobic means a person who have fear of public places, social embarassment and crowds. Though I don’t have this kind of disorder, I can relate my personality to this.

I’m a type of person that don’t really interact with other people even with my other relatives in my father side. I have friends, of course, but when they get together I don’t really go. I want to be alone and I have my own world. LOL. Though, this is personality disorder is called SCHIZOID PERSONALITY D.O but I don’t want to call myself schizoid. Not cool.



  • Guitar
  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Moe


  • things that i dont like -audiophile edit
  • ...
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