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Having wretched the site from the cold, dead grip of Gargron, Acostoss "momo" Poodle revived the poor Jewsih bastard and forced him to continue doing development work for the site while Acostoss ran it into the ground.



Having been a fan of 5camp's blog and friendly with vucub_caquix on 4chan, acostoss followed both on Twitter. It is there that he presumably first joined the chat under a couple different monikers that are unknown now. He spent his days dicking around and helping in the 4chan raids, gaining a couple friends along the way.

After a week or two, though, he grew tired of the site and departed. Upon coming back and being met with a registration page, he opted to just lurk,and didn't actually sign up until a third of the way through the original airing of the series. This netted him a user number in the 5k. Always looking to better the sites he uses, he helped out in the community, tested much of the site for security vulnerabilities, and did a bit of meta-talk for the users.


This all paid off when he was granted with a moderator position along with DarkChaplain. He increased his efforts afyer being recognized for them, burning out for a week in the process. When the site was met with one of Gargron's then-famous ragequits, acostoss made an offer. The offer to run the site if Gargron promised him access to all of the code and the domain if he chose to stop hosting it. Gargron obliged, and turned over adminship to acostoss.


As time went on, tensions increased. DarkChaplain and Kirn didn't care for how the site was being run, and didn't care for the plans for the future. They both dropped their moderator positions and used their private chat logs to curr the public's favor. They were both met with bans, in what was either dutiful moderation or a larger coverup.


Currently, the site hangs in a limbo. It is being made more SFW despite the protests of some of the older users. Acostoss seems to be handling it well for now, but will the day ever come that Gargron's words of warning hold true? Maybe someday acostoss will know full well what Gargron was describing when he uttered "being admin is suffering".


Acostoss has worked his way through many of the female users, and has gained the love of countless others. His fan club clocked in at over 40 members prior to his promotion to moderator. He currently is wed to Nandaba, his second husband after he was left by Yotsuba for their daughter Hais.


  • "You'll regret giving me power, Gargron"
  • "waht"


  • Design
  • Japanese Media Culture
  • Blogging
  • Microcontrollers
  • Indie music
  • Male Fasion


Acostoss helps to manage the SCCSAV, runs his own personal wiki, design company and other assorted services.

He can be found on many different services, just search his username on Google.